Non Plastic Microwave Cover as an Alternative to Plastic Ones

Non Plastic Microwave CoverPlastic is long used for making microwave lids. But nowadays, non plastic microwave cover is used as an alternative to plastic cover for various reasons. Let’s discuss them, their usefulness, pros and cons in this article in brief.

How useful is a non plastic microwave cover?

Most of the non plastic microwave covers are made of glass or fibre. Fibre made covers is cheap and affordable. Thus they are a popular choice for covers. The glass made covers are expensive, but safer when compared to fibre-made ones. Fibre ones are most preferred amongst non-plastic covers because they are affordable, pocket-friendly, and easily available and some are eco-friendly too.

Best Non Plastic Microwave Cover With Heat Resistant HandleBest Glass Microwave Plate Cover with Heat Resistant Handle

Best Features

11″ Glass Microwave Plate Cover By Catamount Glassware Is Designed To Take The Heat. The New Plate Covers Are Flameproof, Ovenproof, Microwave And Dishwasher Safe. Each Is Manufactured With The Highest Quality Of Borosilicate Glass And Accented With A Safe And Easy Grip Silicone Handle. Consumers Can Be Confident That The Transparent Glass Microwave Plate Cover Wont Warp Or Discolor. Additionally, The Nonporous Glass Construction Eliminates The Possibility Of Leaching Bupa’s.

Best Non Plastic Microwave Cover (Glass Vented Plate Cover ‘n Cook)

The Best Non Plastic Microwave CoverAs a complement to the Cuchina Safe lid, the glass cover ‘n cook has multi-functionality as a microwave plate cover and a 2 quart serving/baking dish. “flip over” design will make this a must-have for your homemade pies, casseroles, quiche and much more. Reheat those leftovers the next day using the inverted cover ‘n cook as a plate cover. Scalloped edges allow for venting to for steaming. Cook, reheat and steam food in the microwave and conventional oven up to 450°.

Made from sturdy borosilicate glass (the original Pyrex formula), freezer to oven to table. Steam or bake vegetables, rice, seafood – reheat leftovers – cook cereal, omelets, pasta and more. Keep your microwave clean and splatter free. Glass is clean, durable and non-porous. Overall size with handle -11″ diameter.

Best Features

Versatile 2-in-1 microwave glass plate cover, flip it to use as a 2 qt baking dish

  • Stylish, scalloped edge allows for optimal venting as a cover, fits most plates and shallow bowls
  • Clear, durable glass(Pyrex) is the non-toxic alternative to plastic covers, won’t harbor bacteria
  • Keep microwave clean from spatters and splattering food, dishwasher, oven safe to 450°
  • Practical, baking or serving dish, continuous handle encircles sides for easy grip and lifting


Most of the plastic made covers claims to be FDA approved; still, they are to some extent harmful for health. So non plastic covers are becoming popular choices amongst people because they are safer compared to plastic ones.  They do not melt or smell like plastic, thus indirectly saving us from health issues.


  • Safer when compared to plastic covers
  • Some of them are eco-friendly
  • Do not melt or smell
  • Cheaper and easy to use
  • May have ventilated holes to allow the steam escape with ease


  • They are not as popular like plastic made covers. Thus they are not manufactured in large quantities. So availability is a major concern


The above-mentioned reasons clearly state the usefulness of non plastic microwave cover. So it is advised to prefer these products over plastic ones.

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